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Sarong Basic EasyLine is a modular horizontal thermoforming machine, designed for low and medium output of customized thermoformed plastic single serve packages. The modular design allows to integrate further functions after the forming that the package might require: manual or automatic filling of solid, liquid or viscous products, top sealing, final cutting of each single unit.

Due to the modular design, the machine can process different types of plastic films, in a wide range of thicknesses, at different thermoforming speeds, in the range of 20-30 cycles per minute.

Easy Change-Over

The modular design enables fast and easy tool change-over for size, quantities and molds.

Available Options

Print centering during thermoforming.

Several stations can be installed after the thermoforming.

Auxiliary devices/operation implementation.

Product filling: if more than one product, the filling units are fitted on a trolley for speedy and efficient product change, which also dramatically reduces cleaning time.

Top lidding with aluminum, paper or plastic lid films.

In line quality inspection.

Final single cut and rejection of not conform packages.

Available Materials



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