Packaging Trends to Watch for 2017

Date: June 11, 2017 Author: sarong Categories: Latest

As we’re headed to the EastPack expo in New York soon, Sarong is on the lookout for the latest shifts in packaging technology. Here are three of our fearless predictions.

Food Safety Innovations

Cross-industry groups have been calling for improved methods of ensuring food safety. While tampering can never be prevented, its results can be made visible. Ensuring that food is sealed hermetically  - and that the seals are easy to verify with the naked eye - is one of the technologies we most expect to see.

Reduction of Food Waste

Consumers are asking to see higher degree of management at work in reducing food waste. There are two ways we might see this: 1) with packaging that prolongs shelf life; and 2) by eliminating mega-packs of spoilable food.

Branded Package Design

Package design will start to become part of the brand from a very early stage – to an extent that wasn’t possible fifty years ago. Imagine if Corn Flakes were packaged in something other than a generic box shape. We’ve recently seen Heinz turn their iconic label shape into single serve packages.

The possibilities for improvements in each of these areas seem boundless when taking a more holistic view of packaging design, from early in the go-to-market life cycle.