Italian Engineering

Date: May 14, 2017 Author: sarong Categories: Latest

Every country has national strengths, and we thought we should promote one of those nearest to our hearts – Italian engineering. 

When you think of great Italian products, you probably think of food. Yeah, so do we. But then you consider for a second, and add ‘Design’. Now you might have initially meant fashion design, but the second you consider the rich history of Italian automobiles, you extend that. And we consider that technological design to be engineering (no surprise that our boss – Gianpaolo is an engineer!).

Lamboghini. Maserati. Ferrari. 

Italian cars offered the world these firsts:

  • Independent front suspension
  • Full-production V-6 engine
  • Rear trans-axles
  • Five-speed transmission
  • V-4 engine

Don’t get Gianpaolo started on the wonders of the Roman-engineered aqueduct system which revolutionized public sanitation and access to clean water. And while we are considering these marvels of Italian engineering, we are relaxing in our Jacuzzi – yes, named after inventor Candido Jacuzzi!