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SD 9


Sarong's SD 9 handles low to medium production speeds up to 30-35 cycles per minute. Output can range from 6,000 to 18,000 units per hour.

Where single-sided flat packs are selected, the SD 9 may be fitted with parallel lines, to double production speed. 

Machine lenght is 6 meters.

Clean Production Process

The SD 9 is suitable for high sanitation requirements for both food and household products. The tank for water collection is equipped with a centralized drain, and the machine is easily washable. The SD 9 might work under laminar flow to guarantee sanitary level requirements.

Easy Change-Over

The modular design enables fast and easy tool change-over for size, quantities and molds - which can be changed while still hot. The pump group is fitted on a trolley for speedy and efficient product change, which also dramatically reduces cleaning time.

Available Options

A mobile filler trolley enables instant change-over for pre-programmed lines. The mechatronic drive allows filling multiple products having different density. It is equipped to Clean-In-Place with automatic positioning of the components. This separate unit may be moved along with its tank to the special cleaning areas.

A heat pump system enables high viscosity products to be heated to flow easily through the filling process. This is also mobile, and may easily be added to an existing line. 

Available Materials




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